Check Out This Toxic Woods Chart to Keep Yourself Safe When Woodcarving

Many people have the perception that all species of wood should be safe for them to be around. You might be reading this and thinking that statement is true, but it’s definitely not! Many woods are safe, but there are also common species to look out for, as they can cause serious health problems. Provided down below is a reference chart that can be viewed and printed at any time. Thanks to Woodcarving Illustrated for making this useful chart!

To download this image: Wood Toxicity Reference Chart

Even though everyone has different bodily reactions to different species of woods, safety should be a MUST. If you have a project that requires a toxic wood, a Tyvek suit included with hood and boots will provide you the safety you need. These can be found in the paint department at your local home improvement store, or can be bought on the Amazon link: DuPont Tyvek Coverall Suit