Japanese Wood Carving Artist Makes Carvings Look Eerily Realistic

Japanese woodcarver Seiji Kawasaki (@sawsnht on Twitter) is getting famous for his super-realistic woodcarvings of everyday items. The precision of the carving and the colors make a wooden steak look delicious. I know that I would accidentally eat one of these because of how good they look. Let’s take a look at some more of his woodcarvings.

A piece of bread to start off on.

The process below looks pretty tedious…

A Croissant, a Fuzzy Peach, a Shoe, oh my.

Some potatoes.

Find the Odd Potato Chip!

A marshmallow.

A shrimp straight from the forest.

A cute little flower.

How is this not real? It looks so appetizing!

Honestly, I do want to go do this myself to see how many unsuspecting people I can fool by giving them what looks like a nice juicy steak, but when they bite in it will be a different story! Thanks for reading.