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Your pet is part of the family and deserves the best – from food to sleep to grooming. The HappyKatz line of massaging & deshedding brushes were designed to bring an enjoyable experience to both your and your kitty!

Why should you buy a HappyKatz brush? Many reasons! Here are a few key features that went into developing our new line of grooming tools:

  1. Fine-Tooth Steel Comb: The fine pins of steel alloy on our deshedding brushes are versatile. They gently slide through the coat of your cat while brushing to remove any loose or shedding hair and their soft tips provide a massaging feeling against their skin. Your cat will love the relaxing strokes of the brush while removing all the excess hair from your floors & furniture!
  2. Ergonomic Multi-Angle Handle: We realized that your cat isn’t always in the easiest position to brush and loves to move or roll around! The idea behind the handle is to be adjustable to any position that is most comfortable for you and allows you to get close to your beloved pet. From fully extended handle to get those hard to reach areas like the tummy or behind, to a fully collapsed brush with handle close to the bristles fits nicely in the palm of your hair just like you’re simply petting!
  3. Washable: We know pets, and we know things can get dirty! This brush was designed to be easily cleaned and rinsed. After use, just remove all hair and discard. The brush can then be rinsed under the sink to remove any additional dirt or hair. The brush handle can be hand scrubbed with soap and water.

Whether your cat has short or long hair, this brush is the best you’ll find on the market! Ditch the brush glove or other shedding options and get your cat a HappyKatz!

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