VistosoHome™ Felt Cat Cave Bed with Detachable & Collapsible Zipper Top

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Your cat is going to love this! A safe & cozy little cave to nap, relax, peek, hide and cuddle in. Give your kitten a home to call it’s own! Designed using felt for a unique and modern look, this cozy shelter won’t look out of place in any room! Offering multiple color options with complimentary interior colors, your furry friend will have the best house on the block.



Cozy Shelter: The size and shape of this kitten dome is perfect to keep your cat feeling safe, protected & warm. With a smaller opening but a roomy interior, your cat can easily slip inside and play within the cat cave while peeking out at his or her human friends.

Multiple Uses: A great feature of this cat bed is the ability to adjust and adapt. The typical use is fully zipped with expanded interior for a cozy cat bed with inner cave design. The zipper allows you to take the top half off for 2 beds, or a turtle shell design on the top dome can be pressed down into a cat bed mat look!

Comfortable Size: With dimensions of 18” x 12” x 12”, this cat house is a perfect fit for cats of all sizes – and even small dogs! We recommend this cat cave for kittens, small cats, larger cats and dogs up to 15 pounds.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: at VistosoHome™, you (and your kittens) happiness are our priority! If you have any issues or questions, contact our support team and we will get back to you immediately!

Additional information

Weight 22.4 oz
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 12 in

Blue/Beige, Brown/Beige, Burgundy/Gray, Orange/White


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