RangerPad™ Recoil Pad


The RangerPad gel filled recoil pad is engineered to slide easily over the stock of most guns (shotguns & rifles) and to absorb the recoil energy produced when firing. The gel pad is made out of a highly durable neoprene fabric with heavy duty stitching to allow for easy on/off transfer and to withstand years of use.



Comfort: The RangerPad Gel & Foam cushioned recoil pad is designed to slip over the butt-end of most rifles & shotguns for shock / recoil absorption and to reduce soreness from shooting

Durability: The fabric used in the RangerPad is a high-quality neoprene material with a thin, durable cover for lasting use. Premium heavy-duty stitching allows for easy on/off and stretching capabilities.

Size: The recoil pad is designed to stretch over and fit most sizes & models of rifles & shotguns. The soft, stretchy material used in the recoil pad is designed to slip right over the stock of the gun without any tools or modifications required. The pad also provides protection to the butt of the gun.

Portable: The RangerPad is small & light allowing for easy transport and use. Keep the pad in your car, shooting bag, range bag or even on the butt of your gun for quick use at all times. You can use 1 pad across multiple guns or purchase multiple to keep all guns outfitted with a comfortable, shock absorbing pad

Quality & Promise: Our RangerPad has been designed by our team of engineers & developers to withstand use and abuse both indoors and outdoors. If you have any issues with your RangerPad, our team is ready to help out and make sure your experience with the RangerPad meets our brand standards. Please contact us if you experience any issues and we will be sure to make them right.

Additional information

Weight 2.6 oz
Dimensions 5 in

Black, Brown Camo, Green Camo


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